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CFP / 征稿主题

2021 3rd International Conference on Sensors, Instrument and Information Technology (SIIT 2021) Call for Papers.

Sensor Technology
Control System Modeling and Simulation
Accelerometer, inclinometer and gyroscope
Distributed parameter system
Acoustic sensor
Automatic control and system education and training
Biological, chemical sensors, immunosensors and
Fuzzy logic and artificial neural network in control system
Electromagnetic sensor
automated industry
gas sensor
Manufacturing information control
Humidity Sensor
Instrument and sensor integration challenges and experiences
Instrument design requirements to meet mission objectives and resulting designs
Infrared sensors, equipment and thermal imaging
And implementation experience
Mechanical sensor
Intelligent traffic control
Inear control system
Multi-sensor fusion technology
Modeling and control of environmental systems
Nanomaterials and electronic technology
Network control and security
Fiber Optic Sensor
Nonlinear control system
Optical sensor
best control
Photon sensor
Planning and required support technologies
Polymer material for the sensor
Programmable logic controller
Pressure Sensor
Robust control
Radiation sensor
Scientific goals for future missions
Remote sensor and telemetry
Scientific results of tasks that have been planted
Robot sensor
Sensor technology is difficult to meet instrument requirements
Semiconductor material for sensors
Sensor call
Web-based manufacturing control and wireless automation
Sensor interface and signal conditioning
Remote sensing foundation
Smart and smart sensors
Calibration and testing
Basic limitations of R maging, including detector quantum noise and background
Temperature Sensor
Virtual sensor